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Monday, February 11, 2013

Creating Abstracts: Apps: Tiny Planet~Tangled FX~Glaze~ImageBlender

Yesterday I led an iPhone workshop in Washington DC at the National Gallery of Art. It was great working with new iPhone photographers. Along the way I captured a few quick shots. The moving escalators underground are cool with walls of lights so as we were moving I grabbed a couple shots.
The image above was the final result of that shot. I really am having some fun with this style or creating abstracts from pixels getting a painted look with Glaze as part of the recipe.
The sequence of images below will show you how I arrived at the image above I call "Wave"...that's what I think I really enjoy about the apps for the iPhone...I really didn't have an objective for the "final" image....I just started playing with the shot of lights in the tunnel. Once you know your apps you can use the what if I did here...
Original Capture Hipstamatic Tinto with C-Type Plate
Above Image run through Tiny Planet
Tiny Planet Image with an iteration from Glaze
Above image run through Photo Wizard to distort and colorize
Above image run through Tangled Fx
One more iteration in Glaze

Final Image blended the last Glaze iteration with Tangled Fx version and ran one more iteration in Glaze with the blended image. Then a little saturation and contrast applied in Snapseed.
If I could only really paint like this!!


  1. I love what glaze did with the little "spider legs" coming out! That in itself makes a great piece =)