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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Deco Sketch: Photo Artista Haiku, Glaze and Snapseed

Last night I was goofing around with some apps and a few images, and cooked up a new look.
For those of you who like to draw, or paint and maybe not so much photograph this is a fun process....
Deco Sketch -Photo Effects is now a full resolution app that you can process your images with as a staring point or you can draw your own using an array of cool linear effects with lots of adjustment possibilities. So I began to play with it and a few other apps and cooked up an app combo I liked to create these abstractions. Deco Sketch has been out for a year but just went full res this February.
I used this 6x6 captured image as a base image for both iterations here.
The image above is the image I used as a base image. I opened it in Deco Sketch and began to goof off with different shapes and colors and linear effects, reduced the background image opacity and landed on the image below....less I get carried away! ;)
Drawings made over original image in Deco Sketch, with photo opacity reduced as the background.
I then took the Deco Sketch result image and opened it with Photo Artista Haiku. I landed on the image below. I also saved the Photo Artista Haiku settings as a Preset in the app so I could easily repeat the look.
Artists Haiku Version
Then I took the Photo Artista Haiku image and ran it into Glaze this is where it gets a little random. Tabbing through the Glaze presets I saved a few I liked, then began using the cool tool feature in Glaze to get a unique look. The colors in these images remind me of a spring garden impression.
Final image rendered in Glaze and adjusted in Snapseed for saturation, contrast and sharpening.
The opening image went through the same process only began with the drawing below in Deco Sketch. Too much iPhone fun!!! These could make some really beautiful prints on exhibition paper.
Heading to the National Gallery of Art tomorrow with a full class of iPhone students. Should be fun! My next iPhone class with Capital Photography Center is March 3 in Baltimore and is filling fast. Or join me for a full day of iPhone fun on March 8 in Gaithersburg for an all day class working with apps.
In this drawing I let more of the background image come through as you can see in the red and white strawberries in the top portion of this image.
Final image rendered in Glaze.


  1. I really like Deco Sketch - it has a lot of promise! Love what you've done here. Looking forward to learning more about your online course.

  2. Amazing work Karen! I love how you're incorporating Deco Sketch. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  3. Beautiful result - I have infinite respect and awe for how you created the final image. It is gorgeous - so colorful. It reminds me of some Jackson Pollock paintings !