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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fire Museum of Maryland and Hipstamatic

Capture: Hipstamatic ~ Helga Viking~ Kodot XGrizzled: Processing: Snapseed:Crop'n'Frame

The Fire Museum of Maryland is a great museum and the third largest collection of antique fire fighting equipment in the USA. I had a super morning there visiting with Rob Williams the Assistant Director and Lee Smith the President of the Board of Directors. Rob met me when I arrived and walked me through a portion of the museum, providing a historical narrative on the equipment and its use. I was shooting exclusively with the iPhone as I was trying out the Gymbl accessory which I liked very much (see my previous post)  and have now added that to my accessory list and gadget bag for the iPhone! (Thanks Gordon!). I also enjoyed making a few quick images with the Hipstamatic App, probably the most popular shooting app for the iPhone. One of the docents saw me working with my iPhone and the Gymbl and began a conversation as they had just recently acquired an iPhone. So I spent some time chatting and sharing some photo tips. One photo composition tip I always think about when making images is; when you see red shoot it, well its hard not to there!
Capture: Hipstamatic~Helga Viking and DreamCanvas Processing: SnapSeed: Crop'n'Frame
I really spent more time talking and looking at the interesting museum offerings than I did making images, but I enjoyed the information and conversation.There are many photos of the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904. Amazing how well documented it was. Must have been all the members of the Baltimore Camera Club and the Sunpapers staff! Lee said it was so well documented by amateurs and professionals that the images had been studied after the fire to develop new ideas for rebuilding in a more fire proof way, making streets more accessible and adopting building codes. You just have to go enjoy it..check out their site! The visit there made me even more grateful for all of our first responders! What an amazing service they provide.

I asked Lee to strike a pose while tilting his cap up a bit to keep the shadows off his eyes, just before I left..........keeping my new photo resolution to make more people images when I get a chance. He was a great guy to chat with and very knowledgeable.
Capture: Hipstamatic~ Helga Viking ~Dream Canvas: Processing: Simply HDR: Snapseed: Crop'n'Frame
I will have to make a trip back in April with the "big girl" camera when they reopen. Check out their site for museum hours.


  1. Great stuff as usual from the Queen of the iPhone!

  2. I love these shots. What kind of lighting are you using?

  3. Thanks Lynne! Actually I was working with the light in the location. The lights were actually terrible for photography, overhead old tube light florescent and some new incandescent spots so I had to pick my shots. The floor was a wicked yellowish tile which is why a lot of the reflected surfaces look yellow. The rest of what you see is post processing and the app itself. I chose not remove any of the fluorescent high lights instead just left them where there appeared.

  4. I like the Shoot Red tip. I have had a tendency to do that and just didn't know why. I'll probably shoot even more red now. Thanks!

    Also a question: I see you have watermarked each of your iPhone shots. Is there an iPhone app with which to deal with that task?

  5. Hi Richard, yes I use an app called Impression, it has many fonts and color options, and saves your images at their original resolution.

  6. Thanks for your reply about the lighting. I find it to be very effective. Great work, as always.