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Friday, January 20, 2012

Slow Shutter Light Trail Mode: Iphone Photo Workshop

Today was a super day at Mac Business Solutions in Gaithersburg! I had an extremely creative group of iPhone workshop participants. We had an hour planned in the workshop schedule to do some shooting outside in the afternoon with various apps. Even in a suburban strip center there are images to be made!!! I made a couple images in between helping the participants with app settings and making compositions. The day was overcast with peeks of blue sky in between the gathering clouds of a stormy winter sky. There was a beautiful Sycamore tree in front of Mac Business Solutions and I used SlowShutter with Light Trail mode set to make these images. In processing I made an ArtistaHaiku rendering and masked out the the tree trunk in Image Blender to allow the dark trunk to come through the blended image while still maintaining some texture and Haiku effect in the negative spaces. We had a few merchants that were very happy to have us do some shooting in their shops and I just loved the Violin repair shop of Yanfu Tong. One thing I really love about this vocation is meeting amazing people. Yanfu is one of them leaving China 20+ years ago. I played violin in Junior High School and my grandfather played Violin too, it has been a long time since I was that close to one. I asked if I could take a picture in his shop and he so willingly obliged. Thanks Yanfu!
My next scheduled workshop at Mac Business Solutions is Saturday Jan 28.
I hope you can join me then for a little iPhone Magic!
Capture: ClassicPan Processed: ArtistaHaiku: ArtistaSketch: SnapSeed: ImageBlender to blend several times and Crop'n'Frame
Capture: SlowShutter Light Trail Mode: ArtistaHaiku, tree masked in ImageBlender: Diptic for arrangement and Crop'n'Frame

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