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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A walk at sundown with the iPhone

Capture: CameraPlusPro Processed: Snapseed: Photocopier: Crop'n'Frame

Yesterday I spent most of the day taking down my outside Christmas lights and decorations. So, when a friend called around 4:00 and asked me to go out to the reservoir to make some images around sundown, I was a bit resistant, thinking I was a little worn out, and didn't want to drag my gear out into their car. Understanding my objections, he suggested I just go and take my iPhone; I said yes. That's about what I was up for. It was nice to be a passenger too! It had been such a warm day that when we arrived at Loch Raven there was hardly a parking spot. People had really been enjoying the reservoir area. We walked down to the water's edge in a cove. He set his tripod up and connected his lens to his camera making adjustments and images. I was walking and exploring the edges of the shoreline. The sky looked as if it was going to put on a bit of a show so we hung around. Quickly the sky became colored and we made images until there was no more light to shoot. When I got home I was excited to process the iPhone images I had made, and was surprised at what I had captured in an hour of walking by the shoreline, as I really did not anticipate getting any shots! In fact I posted the opening image in a square format crop on Instagram which then feed into my Facebook and I had more comments on this image than I think I have had on any other image posts.
 As a photographer who loves color I was reminded by getting out at sundown how there is no other beauty of color in nature than that of sun down or sun up, the edges of night and day!
Capture: CameraPlusPro Processed: Snapseed:Crop'n'Frame
Capture: CameraPlusPro Processed: Photocopier, Snapseed, Crop'n'Frame

Capture: CameraPlusPro Processed: PhotoFX Ultra, BlurFX, Crop'N'Frame

Capture: SlowShutter (Light Trail Mode, 4 seconds, Sensitivity 1) Processed: Photocopier: PhotoForge2, Crop'n'Frame

The image above was a real surprise to me and I don't think I could have made it with the Nikon; Even though I can make multiple exposures in camera in the Nikon, the fact that I was hand holding while the shutter was triggering: and I randomly moving the iPhone up and down, rendered a pretty unique look. I love the abstract nature of this shot. It was the last one I made last night walking back to the car. The real subject was the reflected light on the water coming through the trunks of the tall pines. When I looked at the abstract, it looked to me like a New York City abstract at night with towering buildings and city lights below. Well I guess that's the nature of abstracts you see what you see.....what do you see?
And lastly......the image below was assembled with a new to me App PolyMagic. Its a fun app for collages with many options for arrangement a cool alternative to the traditional collage app Diptic. Now maybe this isn't the greatest arrangement of images but I was just playing with options and wanted to give you an idea of some options..... It was a great hour or so by the lake with the iPhone, friend and nature.

Collage: PolyMagic


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors...looks like a fun app
    you are so artistic!

  2. Every time I think that Lisa Bettany has come up with THE final word on all effects iPhoneography up pops your blog with yet another candidate for a MOMA exhibit. I would really hate this if I didn't love it so much. Not sure about PolyMagic though; doesn't do much for me

  3. Why thank you Richard I appreciate your comments! I would love to do a show at MOMA!! PolyMagic is just a fun way for folks to bring some shots together. I like sharing apps I discover and I think for a family collage, baby shoot or some other event image collection it would be fun...but for serious art I agree.