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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Average Camera Pro

I was asked about the process I  used to create this image and the easiest way for me to explain is with pictures and a little verbiage in a blog. Hope this explains it. The image started with the capture of some dried rose leaves laying in a bank of snow. So the back ground was very clean with some exceptions of dirt spots in the snow..... the image below is the original capture straight from the iPhone as I made 9 shots with the Average Camera Pro app. which blended them as a multiple exposure single shot. (Like Nikon camera's in camera multiple exposure function) Pretty cool huh!

AE TTV Print Toning and this was the result I liked as a starting point.

After this process, I opened the image above in an app called Vintage Scene. In Vintage Scene you can select a color for the image aging,  a color for the paper aging, a fade out option, an image strength option, a texture strength option and a border option. Here's a screen grab of the settings I used to create the opening image. Adding color and a certain texture in Vintage Scene finished the processing of the opening image.

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