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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Rose Leaves:Apps: Lo-mob: Vintage Scene: BlurFX

It was a busy day running errands, so I didn't have time for any photos today until I went to my mailbox around 5:00pm. The recent snow melt revealed  some of last years rose leaves the winter winds had blown off the climbing rose and the heavy snow had flattened them on the patio liked pressed flowers in a book. So, I went in the house and grabbed my iPhone and made just a few shots, as the light faded. Maybe tomorrow I will work it with the big girl camera as I like how they looked, and it would be nice to have some real hi res files to process as well. These shots were made with two camera apps: The straight shot was made with Camera Plus Pro from Global Delight developers and the multiple exposure shot was made with the camera app: Average CameraPro.

They were processed in an app called Lo-Mob which is an old film app, and then I used the app Vintage Scene to further enhance the look and apply some textures. I also used Blur FX to soften the background on a few of these images. In addition levels adjustments were made in an app called Iris.

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