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Sunday, February 6, 2011

PhotoFactory and PhotoForge

Yesterday I made a few quick shots of a beautiful orchid with the iPhone. I could have worked the composition a little more as I don't like the bottom of the Orchid cut off, but the idea was to grab something to work with in an app called PhotoFactory. I like this app for its creative possibilities. Here is a link for a Demo:
Smudging has been a technique available in PhotoShop and used by a very well known photographer in Baltimore: Robert McClintock
I have liked the artistic results one can achieve while doing some smudge work! It is a little hard to smudge on a small iPhone screen but is lots of fun.

Here is the progression of the processing I used to create the opening image:
Original Capture
First smudged version in PhotoForge
Colorized in PhotoFactory and Stretched a little
Stretched more and reversed in PhotoFactory: Shadow under image and corner vignettes in PhotoFactory
 Because there were not a lot of strokes in the lower left corner of the image, when it was stretched it became a little soft, so I might go back into the stretched version and try smuding back in some texture strokes...lots of fun this iPhone stuff! Give it a try!
Final Image Frame added in the app Crop'n'Frame

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