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Saturday, February 19, 2011

True HDR: Longwood Gardens

After a full morning of shooting with the Nikon, I walked around the Longwood Conservatory looking for some photo opportunities with my iPhone. Now I will admit, it was very crowded and people were everywhere, but I found some places to pause and make some HDR iPhone images. I am amazed at this application how one can handhold and still get pretty sharp bracketed shots...I had my Joby with me but there was not an appropriate place to set it on for many of these shots. These images were processed on the iPhone using various apps, but the one that gives this image the "look" is called Vintage Scene.

The advantage of shooting in the late afternoon on a sunny day is the lighting that fills the conservatory from the south west. In the Palm House the sun was filling the room front lighting the palms details and fronds. I am not usually there at this time of day so it was a fun thing to see how it looks in the afternoon.
Processed in PhotoForge for the aged look and then into the app called PicGrunger for border and texture.

This is a contrived image made in an app called Symmetry, but it originated with a straight shot of some drooping ferns against a foggy conservatory window. 
This image is also contrived in Symmetry and started as a TrueHDR shot of a stained glass window in the kids area of the conservatory. The afternoon light was creating the stained glass colors to be projected on the interior surface of the window frame and bricks. The app Crop'n'Frame recently had an update and added text to its application. The text here is an example of what it can do.

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