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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well it was another Thursday night and I met Carolyn and her daughter Stephannie at Bonjour in Mt. Washington for a delightful crepe dinner of smoked salmon, and a complimentary glass of wine. Oh and a strawberry crepe for dessert! Bonjour is just yummy! Its a good thing maybe I didn't discover until now....I took home a sticky bun, and I have to say it was the best!The desserts displayed are just over the top beautiful to look at through the display case.

I was showing Stephanie how to use the iPhone camera and made a few shots while sitting at the table of a wine glass and processed it in Bad Camera.
It rained like crazy all night last night and all day today and when I left Bonjour I drove past the street where camera club normally meets on Thursday night, but it was blocked off due to no camera club tonight...

I was working all day today on my presentation on iPhoneography for Penn Camera and played around with TiltShiftGen...checking out it's functionality and options for creativity. The camera takes a straight shot then asks you if you want to use it. If you confirm yes, then a group of adjustment sliders appear where you can adjust, focus points and out of focus areas, blur amount and location, vignette, color sat, brightness and contrast.
I like it very much and find you can get somewhat of a Lensbaby look from it. The shot here is of an antique doll in my den...a willing subject. ; - ) Notice the areas of sharpness on her face and then the blur around the a result of the settings I chose in TiltShiftGen.

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