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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Magic Bus......Hipstamatic: Tejas Lens: Dream Canvas Film: PicGrunger

Hipstamatic Tejas and Dream Canvas

Today I introduced myself as an "iPhone Photographer" to a shop that's a thought...but I didn't know how else to say it....I have been meeting a student every Tuesday for some private tutoring in Severna Park, MD.  Because of this I have traveled over the Key Bridge a few times in the last few weeks through the industrial side of town. The scenes intrigue me with venting pipe stacks and abandoned industry buildings, shipyards, gas tanks and railroads. So last week I got off the highway to explore before crossing over the bridge on the way back home. While driving around last week, I saw this little auto repair shop with some old VW's in front of it, but was heading home and did not stop. Today, I stopped and asked George if it was OK to make some images. He was most obliging. The Old Red VW bus caught my eye! In the 70's I had a friend with a VW bus and well they were the vehicle of choice for the "Hippie" generation, this one still bore an aging Love~Peace bumper sticker. It wasn't going anywhere, all the tires were flat and it appeared to be just sitting in the lot. Maybe it was junked there because it was too expensive to fix, like my Jetta. Now VW has a new prototype in the works to bring back the "Bus." Check it out here The New BUS.
BracketMode App  used here.

BracketMode app used here
Hipstamatic: Tejas Lens Dream Canvas Film: PicGrunger Processing effect.

And I had to shoot the bug too!

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