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Friday, March 11, 2011

BonJour: Grungetastic: LoMob: Vintage Scene

Capture: True HDR App: Processed: Vintage Scene: LoMob: Crop'n'Frame: Impression

Its been a busy couple of classes started at Hopkins again, I met with the accountant to get taxes done, hosted a dinner party, been working on some lecture preparation..sold a car..had a spot of early skin cancer taken off my leg...held some private tutoring sessions, made some prints...and have been sick with a nagging cough since I came back from Longwood two weeks ago....whew, but last night I had the pleasure of meeting a neighbor and her daughter for a lovely seafood crepe dinner and dessert at a little cafe called BonJour. Now I am sorry to say I had not been there before, but every Thursday night I pass the little place at Falls Road and Lake Avenue on the way to Camera Club, and I think how cute it is painted purple on the outside, but never stopped to check it out. I arrived a little early and enjoyed a yummy latte while the owners prepped for their crepe evening. I also took the opportunity to make some iPhone images while enjoying the latte. The place feels just like a little French Cafe. The Chef Owner Gerard is French and bakes all the pastries. While I was waiting the little distressed mirror topped cafe tables were catching my eye as well as the small wrought iron cafe chairs, so I made a few iPhone images. I also used the Photo Transfer app to move these images from the iPhone to my laptop wirelessly... pretty cool stuff! Now I have some more images for my iPhone presentation on May 2 in Tyson's Corner, I'll be showing images, talking about the apps I use and how to use the iPhone for creative imaging.

Grungetastic was used here to create the effect.
True HDR Capture App: Vintage Scene App: LoMob App

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