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Friday, March 25, 2011

Baltimore Museum of Art: iPhone inspiration

This was a small posy bowl on my dinner table, the light was beautiful on it and cast a wonderful shadow on the table cloth. It was shot with the Hipstamatic App Chunky and processed with ArtistaOil: and PhotoFX with a Cranberry spot grad filter with reduced opacity to tint the lower  left corner of the image while leaving the posy bowl in neutral tones.

Yesterday, it was pretty gray and cold in Baltimore, a perfect day for a museum visit. The BMA has a pretty cool exhibit of photography entitled "Seeing Now" photography since 1960 and I went downtown to view the exhibit. After walking through the exhibit I spent the afternoon walking the galleries of the 2nd floor exhibits, viewing paintings up close from Manet, Picasso, VanGogh and oh so many more, too many to name, but suffice it to say their collection is broad and wonderful. I love studying the textures and strokes on the canvas of the Impressionist masters. Today I went back, and made a few photos I studied further some images that were of interest to me. I often feel like a photo image is just the beginning of a work, like a sketch almost, to be enhanced, in the digital darkroom and may I coin it digital "art room". Maybe I am a frustrated painter after all, but I love making images. In this blog there are several images I was inspired to create as a result of my visit to the BMA.
This scene caught  my eye without a person in the image, as I made two exposures a guard walked into the scene and one of the two exposures caught his silhouette. Luck!

This is a layered image. I shot two images: One a reflection of a statue on the marble floor only, and then "The Little Dancer" in one of the museum galleries.  The dancer image was carefully composed so that she was placed between two paintings hanging on the wall behind her. When I blended the two images in an app called Juxtaposer, I then moved the Little Dancer image to the lower left corner of the marble floor reflection image, and carefully painted out and painted in pieces of the Little Dancer image to get the effect I wanted. After that I ran the image through VintageScene app and Iris for levels and texture surface Sandstone. (all this processing was done on the iPhone!)
The hallway in the BMA that houses magnificent mosaic tile works from the 5th century. There were no rays of light coming through the windows, I added them with the App Rays. The image was toned in MonoPhix App.
Happiness... it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
Vincent Van Gogh

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