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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Autostitch App and the Cylburn Mansion House

Panorama's with the iPhone are lots of fun to make and I have been playing with the technique, honing into one I like best. The image here of the Cylburn Mansion House was made by combining 64 individual images I made hand held. Crazy right!? Well, I made the shots in BracketMode which gave me two shots of each section of the building, one exposed for the highlight and one exposed for the dark areas. This app lets you keep shooting so you do not have to stop and process the combined exposure shot.  It then saves the two images to the camera roll for future processing. Combining the images can be done later. The beauty of this process is you can continue to move from section to section capturing images to blend for the final image you want. So the 64 shots represented 32 sections of this building. In AutoStitch I selected all 64 shots and the app blended them not only for the pano but also for the exposure. (I learned that from an iPhone buddy.) How cool is that! The shape of the above image is what happens when you stitch them together and is how AutoStitch renders the files before cropping down. I did not crop this one as I liked the funky shape. I did go on to process the image with some of my favorite apps for an artistic rendering using; DynamicLight:ArtistaSketch:Iris for layering and blending, PerfectPhoto for sharpening and Crop'n'Frame for the frame and mat.

I shared this image with some iPhone friends and I received some feedback on the opening image from an iPhone buddy who thought the smokey area above the chimney was a bit distracting, and I thought the branch on the right was also distracting so I went into TouchRetouch App and used the clone tool to spot them out and cropped the image in Iris. There is truly an app for everything you could do in Photoshop with a large DSLR file. Oh and I added a ray of light above the chimney.

Then I used the VintageScene app to further enhance my vision of the image here.

And I also made a close up stitch using 14 images of one of the exterior windows I found so beautiful in the design and age with peeling paint around the frame.

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