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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

iDarkroom App: Rolling The Dice

This image I  made while grabbing a bite to eat in the cafe at the Newseum. I liked the colors of the modern chairs and the way the various directional lights in the cafe created interesting shadows on the shiny floor. No grand image but just a fun shot.
I wanted to process it but didn't feel like spending a lot of time trying to find just the right app combo, so I went to iDarkroom, which has a few frame options, a few texture options, a few light options and hit the dice icon.
Screen Grab app

Screen Grab app...showing main processing page of the app note the dice in the upper right of the screen shot.
 When you roll or click on the dice the program picks different combos of each and comes up with a new altered image.Now, not all the picks are good combos, but if you continue to tab on the dice icon it will continue to generate options...some of which are fun, and in a million years one might not even make the same option here are a few rolls of the dice just to show you what is possible in this app. After the dice shots I either brightened the image or sharpened it in another app. and added a frame effect in Photoshop Express app.
 Note* (To screen grab your iPhone hit the power button while simultaneously hitting the home button and release, you should see the iPhone blink and the image is captured to your camera roll.)

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