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Friday, July 8, 2011

Beach Dreams: FlowPaper: FluidAutomata: Juxtaposer:Scratchcam

 I have been playing with some non-photographic apps to make these images. The beginning of these images is the app called FlowPaper. The image below is the start of the background. I draw in the scene roughly using the FlowPaper choices of background paper and then select the drawing options. FlowPaper is a small res app but combined with other apps up sizes to a finished large file.
I drew in all the lines as a base for the images here.

The next step in the process was to run this image through a crazy app called FluidAutomata. 
Then I ran that image through Lens Light to add some bluish color to the edge and Focal Lab to further blur the background.
The next step is to run this into ScratchCam for further enhancement of color and scratch effect. The image below is one of the ScratchCam files I chose to use.
The next step is to go grab a file image like the one below. I liked the blue umbrella to blend with this file, so I open the ScrtachCam file in Juxtaposer as the base layer and then opened the image below as the top layer and made selective erasures until I had the look I wanted. The other images here were made using the same background file only different files out of ScratchCam. After adding the umbrellas I ran it through ScratchCam again and then into Iris for sat and contrast adjustments.



  1. Karen,
    After reading your process, I was intrigued and I checked out fluidAutomata. Thanks. It's lots of fun.

  2. Thanks Andrew for commenting, its a funky app but has some creative possibilities!