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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If you can't shoot it The iPhone can create it! FlowPaper~and Fireworks

Final Image: Fireworks

I made it to the beach late Sunday night, and got a good nights rest. The 4th of July was a pretty day, hot and sunny, but a storm threatened and by 6:30pm it was lightening and thundering so hard it rattled the windows. The fireworks were rained out. So I watched some on TV and played with some apps on the iPhone. I learned about the app FlowPaper, from a photographer on FlowPaper  is a low resolution app, but fun: Like Etch-a-Sketch on steroids! and who didn't like Etch~a~Sketch! I enjoyed the result so much I wanted to share the process.
Open FlowPaper: Choose black background and line options then draw on iPhone screen~save

Open image in LensLight: Add stars and bursts and blue edge burn at bottom of image~save

Open image in AutoPainter ll and choose Felt Tip with selective masking~ save

Blend AutoPainterll with original image in Iris and adjust opacity to taste~save

Add white border in Crop'n'Frame~ save then open the image in King Camera and add black border.

That's it maybe they will reschedule the show for tonight and I can get some real images!


  1. WOW great piece of art.

  2. I've used this app before...a few times; I've never had the results you get though. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Hi K. I note you have a blog list which seems to update automatically. Was that a difficult thing to do?
    (thanks for including me bye the way)

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing the process.

  5. Thanks guys, just figured out I had to enable 3rd party cookies to make my own comments! (Duh) Didn't have to do that before. As always appreciate your comments!