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Sunday, July 10, 2011

ProSnap App.....Options....Split Screen Shooting

I just found this app seems it has been out for a while with the last update in 2010, but I think it has some creative opportunity, even though it has some bad ratings. I have just played with it a little this morning but the image created with the split mode function was fun. It lets you take two shots and divides the frame in half. Can't say I have seen another app with this functionality. I think the action quad mode could be fun too.
The images below follow the sequence used to get the look on the shot above.
1. Original Capture
2. Original capture processed Sketch Agent and in DynamicLight

3. Run through Photocopier for texture
4. Opened in Iris to brighten and saturate
5. Applied another filter in DynamicLight
6. Tried PopCam for border and Sepia tone
7. Blended the PopCam image #6, with image #5 in Iris and applied black border in Iris
Then finished the image with a border in Crop'n'Frame and my signature in Impression.