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Monday, July 4, 2011

Klots Silk Mill and the iPhone~Generations apart~MonoPhix App

Bracket Mode: TrueHDR; MonoPhix B&W Conversion

How ironic to be creating images inside the old Klots Throwing Mill in Lonaconing, MD with the iPhone. That thought came to me as I was titling this blog. Built over 100 years ago, when the beginning of modern industry was in full swing on the heels of the industrial revolution, which was reportedly begun with a silk mill in England in 1721. Now we are in the tech revolution! I was wondering why capturing images today, of the past is so interesting to me; I thought, maybe its the mystery of what life was like then or how the people's lives unfolded that passed through the mill, or maybe its the desire to record the scenes before they are gone? I don't know for sure, but it always interesting to make images there; personal effects and machinery remain in tact.
Many of the images I made there beg to be converted into B&W. There is a soft strange green light in the place created by the foliage surrounding the story high mill windows.These are a few from last weeks shoot there....
BarcketMode:TrueHDR:MonoPhix for B&W Conversion
MonoPhix:Vintage Scene
MonoPhix conversion to B&W with glow added in PhotoStudio
Hipstamatic Shot Toned in MonoPhix

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