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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I love about Summer!!! and the iPhone was there!

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Yes two posts in one day......makes me share some thoughts regarding making images: what I find is that I still take as many big camera pictures but I take lots more iPhone shots, where I might not have pulled out the big camera. The apps are just so much fun to work with! Now I shoot these images with the idea of what app I want to use on them. iPhone photography to me is not about the sharpest shot with a big resolution, but a little picture with lots of fun and attitude.
I have been driving past this produce stand all spring as they readied their space for the arrival of fresh seasonal and local produce. I was excited when I saw they were painting the melon boxes red and green and made note when I was passing to make sure I stop when the season arrived. So today on the way to the beach for the last time until September, I stopped in the little town of Clinton, Delaware, bought some produce and made some pictures. I hope they make you smile! They are so summer on the shore! and I got a dozen ears of fresh picked corn for $4.95!

Then when I arrived at the beach my neighbor had his garage open with his robin's egg blue vintage T-Bird, so I had to make a shot of summer! So vintage!