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Thursday, July 14, 2011

iPhone goes to New York: Hipstamatic:Matty ALN Lens and BlacKeys B&W Film

Bryant Park
Bryant Park
Yesterday,  I made a day trip to New York City. I love New York!!! There is no other city in the world like it! The minute you step off the bus the hum of the city can be felt. I was happy to meet a fellow iPhoneographer, Rad Drew and his friends, Shelly and Tony there for a walk around the Midtown area of Manhattan. I first started shooing in Bryant Park while they were on the way to a parking area. I could spend the day shooting in Bryant Park, and I was so happy to see how it has really been updated and improved to become a wonderful, enjoyable city space. Hipstamatic launched a new lens recently and I have not had a chance to shot with it so I selected the Matty ALN lens and BlacKeys B&W film. New York lends itself to monochrome images, but this comb generated a monochrome image with a slight color tone, which I liked and when processing used Iris to saturate the faint colors generated with this combo. Street shooting is sooo much fun! In Times Square there are always people in front of the theaters promoting shows. I love the old time Bobbie socks, saddles and skirt on this woman so I made the shot. Most of the Hipsta shots I use Touch Retouch to remove the date stamp that is inherent with the film choice. Touch Retouch is much like content aware in Photoshop and magically knows what to do. Here I left the date stamp in (by accident) but it shows what the app Touch Retouch can do. I have removed it from all the other shots here.
 In New York everyone walks everywhere! So there are many opportunities to capture people on the go. Legs are everywhere! Since NYC is also the Fashion capital of the US, Models and fashionable women are everywhere in Midtown. I thought this gal was really showing off her best asset! Really short shorts and Super High Heels! You go girl!
 Even this woman had beautiful shoes and and some shapely legs on the move.
 Then there are the street vendors; this one had a beautiful stack of fresh bananas that caught my eye for its texture and pattern repeat.
As we walked, Shelly wanted to share the architecturally interesting Marriott with Rad since he loves architecture, and I loved the show lights on the escalators! So New York....
The inner "black frame" in most of these shots is from Iris FX Dust 'n' Scratches a little menu tab under "more" when you open Iris and tab on FX. The finishing frame is from the Crop'n'Frame app.
Highrise Reflection


  1. Karen, Great blog! You have an amazing eye. The bananas image is just terrific, and well, yes, her "best asset" shot is my favorite. Go figure! Also like the highrise reflection. I had a super time with you in the City. Can't wait to do it again! --Rad

  2. Thanks Rad, I had a great day in the city too!