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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bryant Park and the iPhone...AutoPainter:Iris: BracketMode:iCameraHDR

Apps: Juxtaposer~blended images for montage~PicGrunger~frame and grunge texture
 These are a few more images I made in Bryant Park yesterday while in New York City. The image above started with a base image; a swipe of the women's public restroom tiled wall, and a patrons hand on the wall. I layered in another swipe I made of the grassy lawn. The Bryant Park signage was an image I made of a trashcan in the park. I also took a Hipstamatic shot of the Women's Restroom signage and used that in this image. Then I layered in a few images of women seated, enjoying summer in the was fun making the montage.
Bryant Park has its own subway stop and is easily accessed, along Sixth Avenue and 42rd Street. It is a gem of a little park with Ping Pong tables, Chess tables, a Boccie Ball court, a great lawn space and tall shady trees. It was being enjoyed by both visitors and residents alike, an urban oasis on a very hot summer day. It was really great to see how the park has been transformed. When I was working the garment market in the 80's the park was filled with homeless and the drug addicted. I walked passed it many times and never ventured in. I enjoyed a rest in the park myself after walking around NYC for five hours,  with a cold bottle of water and a chocolate cookie from one of the food stands in the park. Before heading for the bus home I made a few more images of people in the park.
This image and the following images were made using BracketMode or Hipstamatic for capture: iCameraHDR, AutoPainter and Iris for processing

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