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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Images

Today was a very nice day visiting with my family in Ashburn, Va. I travel the "back way" down Rt. 15 and every time I do I pass this awesome store called Lucketts. Usually I just drive by and say one day I am going to stop there and do some photography. Well, today I had the iPhone with me and it was easy to jump out and take a few shots of their holiday decorations. I enjoyed seeing the old sleds decorated with some red bows. The treatment here is an app called Shock my Pics, for the vignette I used another app called Photo Studio. For the actual capture of the image I used the CP Pro.
For this image I applied a painterly effect using the app AristaOil. The frame was applied in Filterstorm. The camera app I used was also CP Pro.
The Tree Image here was shot using the camera app: Slow Shutter at a 3 second exposure. The I ran it through the app AristaOil and applied some borders in Filterstorm.
And I will say I'd like to go back and do some more shooting there and also some shopping!


  1. Nice captures, Karen. Just the right treatment as well.


  2. Hey thanks Kelvin for your comments and for checking out my iPhone blog...snow today, maybe! Yeah.