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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Diptic Application


I like this app! It makes it very easy to make combo can change the layout, the border colors and width and even adjust where the image fits in the frames. You can also transform the image in a mirroring way. Here I show three possible combos of many. The one above is made from one image, processed in ArtistaOil and then in Diptic. It was fitted into the four separate frames.
SketchMee; Bad Camera: Diptic

The bench, was made using the same image, but the image was processed in many different applications and then lined up in the frames as the original was.

SketchMee: Bad Camera: PicGrunger:Diptic: Impressionism
The Chair image was made by taking three separately processed images, the top image in this is a crop of the whole image and the bottom two images represent the image in its entirety, however the lower right image was flipped on the horizontal to face the opposite direction. Impressionism is an app to add a copyright watermark and signature to your work, a very simple but nice app and touch....and I think that's enough for one day! Hope to make some snow images tomorrow, even though we did not get much a little dusting can be pretty.

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