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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working with digital Art filters on the iPhone

On the beach run I also made some iPhone shots with the idea of using some digital art filters I have come to enjoy: ArtistaOil, ArtistaHaiku, Photocopier and ArtistaSketch. Maybe its the frustrated painter in me, but I do enjoy seeing a photo altered in this way. It is a little hard for me to actually see all that is happening on the small screen of the iPhone, processing brush strokes, textures, canvas and strength adjustments, so I have taken to transferring the image to my laptop to check the results after I have finished processing it on the iPhone, I don't have an iPad, yet. I think other photographers are using that to "see" their work on a larger scale while processing.Work flow is another whole issue, as with any process it makes sense to try and establish one...

So here are a few for fun renderings of some scenic images shot on Kent Island.
The funny thing is I was actually using the iPhone to determine if I wanted to bring  my Nikon camera over to the spot and set up. It was a good tool for checking the possibilities before getting all the gear set up. But I will admit, I missed getting the opening image here on the Nikon; whether I didn't see it again when I returned to the spot, other interesting options presented or what but I only have that shot on the iPhone. I am going to make a print of it when I get the printer turned on and see what it looks like and how big I can go before it deteriorates...
Below are examples of slightly different versions of the same image: Toning is also an option. There are so may options to make can get carried away with the process and then not have the result and have to repeat it in a different way...this does take time, just like processing any image and maybe more, because it is sooooo small. Gee now if someone could invent a little wire that would connect the iPhone to the laptop just so you can see what you are doing that would be cool!!! Gee where do I put in my request??? I wonder... My "Real Camera" blog will also be a painted one today.

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