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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Too Many Options

SketchMee: BadCamera: PhotoForge: PicGrunger: ArtistaOil

Been working on learning more by doing...I shot some images with the iPhone yesterday at the fun antique store in Lucketts , Va. They have lots of old things just sitting around on the property outside. So on the way to my niece's house I had to stop and play a bit.
After processing some a couple shots today, the first thing I can say is its very difficult for me with an astigmatism to see clearly on the iPhone's display. Even though you can enlarge the image on the screen, its not like looking at it on a larger screen. So sometimes what looks good on the iPhone, looks a little different large on a larger screen after you have downloaded your files. Some apps have the ability to undo or back step and some don't. I wish all of them did! You can really go from app to app and get carried away with the process. So today I tried some experimenting with just three apps here.
First I tried the SketchMee app. after adjusting some basic controls like brightness and shadow highlights in PhotoForge. Then ran the images through many options in BadCamera. To finish the process I ran the image thorough PicGrunger.  Once again, its hard to stop trying different looks, as they are so much fun to see what they will do. Oh and the first image here I went one step further and ran it through ArtistaOil. Now I have lots to learn about other apps and how to use layers etc....but these will give you an idea of the progression.
SketchMee: BadCamera: PhotoForge: PicGrunger
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