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Friday, December 31, 2010

Just doing some night work.....

Last night was the Baltimore Camera Club meeting and I arrived an hour or so early, after doing some errands so I decided to walk around with my iPhone and see what it would do at night. I chose to use the Hipstamatic Camera app and made some shots around the square of shops and buildings. I also experimented with some flash choices.The Hipstamatic app uses the square format. None of these images were cropped, this is the way they are shot.The cog shot above was shot close up using the Lemon Gel flash in Hipstamatic.

The images below were shot with Hipstamatic and processed in PhotoStudio to give them a different toning.
This one is not focused properly I think as the foreground is softer than the background so I will have to pay attention to that next time in close up work and see if I can't shift the focus point.

All these shots are hand held at night... when my tripod mount comes maybe I can get them a little was a fun experiment.

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