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Friday, December 24, 2010

Here we go...first real iPhone shoot

This is just the beginning for me of a photo adventure with an iPhone. I have been watching this art, yes I will call it, art, develop for a while and have enjoyed the creativity of many top photographers as they have explored the opportunities that exist to add a new tool to their work. My perceptions so far...the apps that you need to purchase are pretty inexpensive and pretty darn cool. It was pointed out to me today that all  the apps in the world, well at least the cool photo apps, probably would not cost any where the cheapest lens in my bag of photo gear. The iPhone 4 is pretty expensive, but again, a good  lens costs more. The AT&T service cost is just a little higher than my old phone service, but annually less difference than  software program. So relatively speaking getting into it is "relatively" inexpensive. I have not purchased the Mophie, additional battery pack or the tripod mount..and some other goodies, but I will in order to really hold the phone steady when doing some HDR work I have found I would benefit from the tripod mount, but heck that's only $9.99. I have spent some time learning the phone as well as learning some app. The nice employee at the Apple Store in Towson was so helpful and he spent so much time with me, getting all my info transferred from my old phone and setting up all the needed connections with my mobile me account, I can not say enough for the SERVICE he provided, something very rare!
So I can say at this point its been a real easy  transition, I say that lightly because I am not transitioning from my Nikon work, but adding an extra dimension to my ability to create some fun images. That is what this work is all about. It really is fun!!! Like a game almost, but I can see that it could easily become addictive. Here's a few more images form my first iPhone shoot. Oh and sharpness is not always is helpful to keep a trail of all that one does to process an image because the actions are not recorded with the file. So when I can remember to report the apps that I use I will. The opening image is processed with an iPhone app called: Shock My Pic and Filterstorm for the frame. All of these images were captured with the iPhone as all the images I post here will be and all of them were processed exclusively with iPhone apps on the iPhone. The images were made in the old Seagram's Distillery in Baltimore.

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