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Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazy App TrigonScope Just for Fun!

Single Shot TrigonScope app This is actually a shot of what was on my monitor when I first opened the app I was looking at a Flicker site.
A fellow iPhone photographer mentioned this app so I searched it out on the app store. Its the craziest iPhone app I think I have seen. Its like a real time kaleidoscope. I loved those when I was a kid and probably spent hours looking into the tube of cut glass rotating it all around to see what new fascinating patterns appeared...well this app is a digital kaleidoscope. The images here were made in my den. I have lots of patterns in the den so it was very much fun to move the phone all around and see what appeared. You can shrink or enlarge the image on the screen and you can rotate the screen to fit the patterns. Trying to capture them is a little different, as you have to freeze the screen and take the image at the same time. I think I'll be having more fun with this app in the future. I ran these all through the ArtistaOil app for some painterly effects and texture. Happy New Year everyone!
Single  Shot TrigonScope app my den

This image was mirrored in PhotoStudio for the balanced look.

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