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Monday, December 27, 2010

Whimsy Christmas


Last one for the holidays...well unless I get some good stuff on the road tomorrow........heading to the shore in the Jeep to catch some snowy beach images with my friend Annette.......could be a big adventure.......
These two shots were made at Lucketts in Virginia on Christmas Day. They had so much fun stuff I could have stayed there all afternoon, but I had to get to Christmas dinner so I grabbed a few quick shots with the iPhone. Like some images they had to percolate a little until I found the apps I wanted to use to make them what you see here. Since it was snowing a little yesterday I was inspired to find some fun treatments. The snowy, starry treatment's were effects I found in PhotoStudio. I overlaid them on the image and reduced some opacity until I had the strength of the effect I wanted. I had to laugh as it seemed like some page out of a children's book. The image below was processed the same way. The plywood Santa and his pals were so reminiscent of childhood days I could not pass it up either...and I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I sure did!

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