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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cookout: AutoPainter:ArtistaSketch:Iris

Roadside stands used to proliferate on the "National Highway" old RT. 40. Before the "Beltway", before I-95, and I-70 there was Rt. 40. Originating in Atlantic City, New Jersey, passing through Delaware, and spanning the width of the state of MD, Rt. 40 was the way we got around. It took us to the beach and to the mountains of the Alleghenies. Most of the businesses that sprung up on the highway, were motels and restaurants, to accommodate highway travelers. Rt. 40 on the east side of Baltimore was always a bit more industrial due to the factories, but they still had the travelers needs in mind. Now many of the old motels have fallen away or become somewhat "seedy". I had an occasion to travel old Rt. 40 the other day and when I passed this funky little roadside lunch spot called the Cookout I knew I had to turn around and make a few pictures. It was a spot right out of the time machine! The sign says it all as does the picnic bench and road..These images are blended in Iris, using several styles of AutoPaint, the original file and ArtistaSketch to arrive at the renditions here.

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