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Saturday, April 2, 2011

iPhone on the Road

Today, I got out of Baltimore around 11:30 and headed for the beach. I had to make a stop to see a friend who is in a rehab center in Edgewater, for a few hours before driving to the beach in the late afternoon. Life is so tough friend went in to have back surgery in November and has yet to return home, after numerous surgeries and complications he is down to 120 pounds, and can't walk and still has many issues to contend with. What can you do but say a few prayers and visit. Visiting really weighed on my emotions as I got back in the Jeep to drive to the beach, but it also made me very grateful for my ability to get around freely. Soooo grateful! Say some prayers for my friend Jay!

After an hour on the road, I began seeing familiar farms and barns which became a mental diversion from my previous thoughts and I decided to stop and make a couple iPhone images along the way.
After arriving at the beach and struggling to get the Internet booted up and my laptop communicating I am finally back on line.The house is now warm and the porch furniture has been moved out. Had to flip the breaker on for the hot water and brought my things its time to get some rest.

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