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Friday, April 29, 2011

iPhone Captures the Royals: on TV: Hipstamatic:AutoPainter and more

Being of direct English decent, my mother was a WWII bride, I could not miss watching the Royal Wedding today! I remember seeing the news clips of Diana's wedding but because I was a FT working person, I did not see it as it broadcast. This one I did not want to miss. I mean, where else in the world...but Merry Old England! After a few minutes watching the preparations I remembered what my dad used to do as a photographer, when a major historical event unfolded on the TV, like the Moon walk: he got his camera out and took pictures off the TV screen. Well they were not the best and of course the TV resolution would show, but he had some images to hold on to. So I got my iPhone, made a couple test shots and decided that I wanted to use the Hipstamatic  app, a square format to eliminate the TV branding, and I like square. I knew the actual pictures would not be great but I also knew that with a few creative apps, I could make some interesting artistic images of the day. So I pulled up my chair to within a foot of the TV and played. Then I played more when it was over and processed these images! When the Hipstamatic filled with shots, I switched to CameraPlus Pro, so I didn't miss a moment. Watching and anticipating the TV's camera shots was just like being there and trying to anticipate the next shot, while concentrating on how to frame it if it came up on the TV so I could make a nice composition.
Call me crazy, it was fun, but I should have been working on finishing up my iPhone presentation for Penn Camera on Monday in Tysons Corner...I hope you can join me for some fun images and insights into iPhone photography. Now I have to get busy on that!


  1. Genius!!

    Debbi K.

  2. Now that's what I call creative!!!!

  3. Wonderful collection! Never thought of photographing off the TV!