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Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPhone: Little Beach Photos

This weekend was my spring beach photo workshop and Nancy and Jim were great. As we were finishing up this morning, we were walking back down the beach from shooting the jettys, and I began to see little pieces of delicate seaweed that had been washed ashore. They were beautiful and I suggested some compositions to Jim. As he made some images I walked down shore with the iPhone, snapping little images of the seaweed to create a collection of images. I chose the Hipstamatic app loaded with the Chunky Lens and Cano Cafenol film for the tone and border the combination produces. I thought it would be  a great compliment for the subject matter. When I processed them I used Iris and the same Grunge overlay for consistency. I always wear waders for workshops so I can run into and out of the surf as I bring some seashell props to shoot. I realized that my wet boots in the surf would add to the collection and made a shot or two also. Oh and we found a little fish on the beach. He became a part of the collection and a seagull feather too....isn't that what the beach is all about! The edge of land and sea, and the offerings that can be found there....I just kept saying this is the Zen of the beach! Enjoy!


  1. Well, wonderful subject matter! (well, all but the dead fish! ewww) :-)
    Cafernol was a great choice.

  2. Admiring this work which influenced me to order the Hiptamatic pak for this lens/film combo. I'm crazy about these images! Now I just need a beach!

    Debbi Koplen

  3. Thanks Debbie!! Just a tip....Shoot three shots of the same subject then pick the one you like best.. Hipsta changes its light effects with each shot even in the same lens/film combo.