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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Montage and Iphone Artist of the Day...

I have been having some photo fun with an app called Montage. You can add many images into the Montage and arrange and change opacity, add borders and more. The opening image is actually three images that I shot at the beach last weekend when I was leading my beach workshop. They were all processed the same, and shot with Hipstamatic Cano-Cafenol film and Chunky lens selection.  So the tonality of the three images was very similar. I stacked three images to make this one Montage.
Another Montage processed image. This is the same image placed on top of itself and opacity adjusted. Then I textured the file as one image in Iris and added my signature in Impression.

This is just another work up in Montage, running through many options for Montage imagery.
This was an image I made to support a write up for an iPhone group I belong to, on using the app has everything but the kitchen sink in it...even a shot processed in Decimi8..
Oh and I was very surprised and please to be selected the iPhone artist of the day in the on line iPhone sharing site call iPhoneArt. You can check it out here:

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