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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Delaware Road trip and the Iphone


Left Baltimore around 1:30 and  took my time getting to the beach, stopping in a few spots to make a couple iPhone images. On the way down I was noticing what a difference a week makes. The Bradford Pear trees along the highway near Annapolis were aglow as the late afternoon sun filtered through them.
Cherry trees were blooming and the magnolias were in full bloom. As I drove into Bridgeville, I noticed a magnificent Magnolia in bloom, so I stopped, made a u turn and rode around the block then down a side street and came back to the place where I saw the tree. I also enjoyed the old farmhouse beside the tree, so I made a shot or two there.
 Prior to stopping in Bridgeville, I stopped at the Antique Store in AndersonTown; Carolina County, Md. and Rt. 404. They had a hand held stereopticon and lots of images to look at. I was intrigued by the old photos and spent some time there. I also made a shot of the store...well several and then stitched them together.
Hipstamatic:Chuncky~Kodot XGrizzled: AutoStitch: Phoroforge

My last images before arriving at the beach and unpacking the car were made near Clayton, De. I loved the way the sun sinking in the western sky shone bright through the thickening clouds, illuminating the irrigating systems sitting in the barren fields. The red frame windows on an abandoned Ice cream store caught my eye and I had to turn around and make a shot or two there as well. I blended these shots together to get the final image below.

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