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Friday, April 22, 2011

iPhone goes to Cape Henlopen

This one is part of my little beach picture series. Hipstamatic~Cano-Cafenol and Chunky Lens
Yesterday, was another beautiful day at the beach, but a bit cooler! I made a run up Highway #1 for some supplies, and after getting them I spent the rest of the day roaming the beach and the Cape Henlopen Park until 5:00 when I headed back to S. Bethany. I am on a mission to gather a series of  "Little Beach Images" all shot and processed with the iPhone, in much the same way, just different subjects and comps as I find them along the beach. After yesterday I have what I needed for a project, but will continue to add to the series, when I get a chance. The opening image is one I made on the beach yesterday for the series.
 There is a big public fishing pier in Cape Henlopen State Park and it was empty except for a few hardy folks, and the fishing woman reclining comfortably in a lounge chair with her rod across her lap, her line dangling in  the water. I asked her if I could take her picture and she agreed. I just loved the red blanket on her legs and the lines of her position, not to mention the whole idea of lounging on the fish pier!
Processed with AutoPainter: Iris~Layers of Styles:ArtistaSketch

 Her son was with her and he was heading down the pier to shore to gather clams. I processed this image much the same way only I did not apply any layers of ArtistaSketch.

 My last stop for the day was Fort Miles inside the park. Fort Miles is the remains of the WWII encampment that guarded the Delaware Bay and seashore. The troop quarters still remain as do the bunkers, and towers. One of the building was open and I walked in. To my surprise there were two pieces of what appeared to be perfectly kept or perfectly restored vintage furniture in Red, so I made a few shots.
Apps :BracketMode:TrueHDR: Rays

After that I headed down to Herring Point and made a shot of the Bunker there. The image below, was shot in BracketMode: and processed first with TrueHDR for the image blend then I opened it in Iris- and applied Invert. After that I saved the image and opened PhotoForge-and applied Watercolor,Oilpaint, and sharpen. My final application was in DynamicLight. It gave me the feeling of the rage of war, quite accidentally.
Now its time to pack up and head home..won't be back to the beach until late May, after my New Mexico Adventure.

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