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Sunday, April 3, 2011

iPhone at the Beach: About making pictures......

Apps: Bracket Mode: iCameraHDR: Crop'n'Frame

Yesterday, I had some errands to run which took me a little inland, and while there I rode around the back roads of Sussex County, some not even on the Garmen, through the flat lands of Southern Delaware. This area is about the beach or the farms..not much in between.  Some of the farms are grand but most tend to be old and in need of maintenance. The history of the area lies in farming and raising chickens....with some dairy. The lower shore area is home to The Broiler Chicken Industry.  Many small chicken farmers have gone out of the business and abandoned chicken houses populate the areas farms. Sussex County Delaware, was the birthplace of the broiler chicken industry, and produces more chickens than any other county in the United States. It is home to the headquarters of 3 of the Top 20 broiler producing companies in the country. DuPont is also a big employer in the town of Seaford. Once you are out of the beach communities the area is somewhat depressed; a great place for some grunge work if you can get to it. The farms sit back off the roads for the most part and there is little room to pull off because of the many and deep drainage ditches. I was however able to get a few shots with the iPhone. I grabbed lunch on the go and as I sat in the Jeep I noticed that quite possibly the picture on the Garmen was the best one of the day...Pointing due east toward the Atlantic Ocean....being there! Sometimes its not about the pictures....its about just being there. The weather was variable, sometimes rain, sometimes overcast, sometimes sunny. I made a swipe as a storm was passing out to sea, with the SlowShutter app as I was heading North to do some more errands. I finished the day in Prime Hook Marsh and loved how the marsh reeds had been blown into a marvelous accumulation of winter debris creating texture against the shoreline. It was a great day!
Apps: Braclet Mode: iCameraHDR; PicGrunger: Crop'n'Frame
Apps: SlowShutter:PhotoFX
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  1. wonderful photos, great explanations, thank you

  2. I am lovig your "slow shutter"capture.